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I am not an expert on Lithuania, but I will try and answer your 
questions as best I can.

1.   There is only one Smolensk that I am aware of and that is in 
Russia, about 600 km east of Vilnius, Lithuania.

2.  The noted king is most likely the king of GDL

3.  GDL is likely the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and most likely 
included Smolensk in the late 1500s and early 1600s.   You can 
probably find a map of the duchy online.

4.   Do not know the meaning of whip as used.   It may just be the 
wrong word used in the email.   Sounds like the person who wrote the 
email is not a native English speaker, so that is easy enough to do.

5.  Hatchment = Coat of Arms

6.  The last question asked is the most interesting, since having 
talked to you about this, it seems that what you are really looking 
for is some connection of the early Kroshinsky name back into Poland??

Gary Warner
Gig Harbor, WA

At 10:10 AM 08/26/05, Roger & Mildred Kroshinsky wrote:
>Hello to all,    HELP!!!    I received this message back from this lady in
>Lithuania, but am having trouble with some of the words and expressions she
>uses.  Is it possible for someone to help clear up some of them???
>First where do I find "Smolensk"?   Who is King Sigismund, What is GDL?, who
>is King Sigizmundus Augustus?, What is a "patent" used in this manner?  What
>is "Whip" used in this way?  Finally, what is the meaning of the term
>"hatchment"??   Any help would be appreciated.   Roger K.
>   _____
>From: Sigita Gasparaviciene [mailto:rytisg20 at takas.lt]
>Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 1:24 PM
>To: Roger & Mildred Kroshinsky
>Subject: Re: Research.
>Dear Mrs.Mildred and Mr.Roger,
>yes i'm private genealogist and providing genealogy archivical searchings in
>Lithuania state archives.
>I'm  few familliar with genealogy of Smolensk dukes Kroszynski, who took
>great part in political life of GDL on XV-XVII century.
>Duke of Smolensk Timoteus Kroszynski , son of Filip recieved Rokishkis
>estate from king Sigismund I on 1514 as compensation for his  lands , which
>were lost in Russia.On 1518 Rokishkis came into possesion of
>Kroszynski.After death of Timoteus Kroszynski all  his property(include
>Rokishkis estate) was inherited  by his sons Ivan  and Jan .On 9th of
>November, 1547 king Sigizmundus Augustus issued patent, which give power to
>Kroszynski male descendants to  have whip by the law Rokishkis estate.
>On 1588m. Rokishkis belonged to dukes brothers  Aleksander and Peter
>Kroszynski.Brothers divided property of Kroszynski, so Rokishkis  became
>property of Peter Kroszynski.After death of Peter Kroszynski Rokishkis was
>inherited by  his son George Casimir Kroszynski.He died on 1633 and left
>Rokishkis to his son Carol.After death of Carol Rokishkis was inherited by
>his son  Adam Kroszynski, who on 1687  bondedt to his wife Helen.Helen
>Kroszynska after death of her husband Adam , remarried Jan Tysenhauz.Last
>progeny of Kroszynski- was Joseph, On 1717 Rokishkis became property of the
>I saw big and interesting hatchment of the nobles Kroszynski in Rokishis
>church.Some of Kroszynski are burried in family vault in Rokishkis church.
>What are you interesting about- do you need documents  from Lithuanian
>Metrika proving Kroszynski property or  other genealogy documents?
>Sigita Gasparaviciene, genealogist
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