[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Advice needed-Thank you

Ednadill at aol.com Ednadill at aol.com
Fri Aug 26 20:39:22 PDT 2005

To all that responded, thank you.  I just have to sit back and  think on this 
a bit.  For those of you who are curious as to the record  itself, I have a 
copy of the translation below.
Thanks again.
Im  Jahre 1819 den 10ten und 17ten Januar sind  proclamirt: 
Junggesell Michael Dill Dienstknecht gebürtig aus  Rogowko 
in  Preußen mit der Jungfer Elisabeth Schwartzrokin 
von den Komorowo Buch[?] Tochter des David Schwartzrok  und d[er?] Komorow... 
Copul: d. 24ten Januar 1819. Testes Peter  Schwartzrok und 
Gottlieb  Helmer. Akt Cywilny ist den 23ten Januar bei Dobracki geschehen 
Proclaimed in the year 1819, the 10th and 17th of  January: 
The bachelor Michael Dill, farmhand, born  in Rogowko_[1]_ 
(aoldb://mail/write/template.htm#_ftn1)  in Prussia, 
to the maiden Elisabeth Schwartzrok, from the  Komorowo Buch[?]_[2]_ 
(aoldb://mail/write/template.htm#_ftn2) , 
daughter of David Schwartzrok and the  Komorow... 
Married the 24th of January 1819.  Witnesses: Peter Schwartzrok andGottlieb  
Helmer. Civil record made the 23rd of January in Dobracki’s office.  


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