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Thanks Oliver

I'm only a nephew. My Aunt's daughter is still living though. What proof
would she need to prove she is her daughter? Will an American birth
certificate do? Do they have a web site?


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Hello Mike,
yes I know this registration office and found the entries of ezab about  
Jaulitz and Starzeddel.
It is right, they have got these records of 1874 - 1944 of  Starzeddel.
You should send your questions to this office and you will get answer
6 - 8 weeks.
Unfortunally the civil rights in Germany allow an answer only to members of

family in direct line !
Sorry, it is very importent to know.
But if you are researching in direct line you will get an answer. There is  
no doubt.
A copy of a certification costs 7 € additional the postage.
Hope it helps.
Best regards and good luck.
Oliver Guenther
Berlin, Germany

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