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Please answer this question for the list in grneral. There are others of us planing a trip to Poland and could benefit from the information.

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> Hello all and Merry Christmas, 
> My husband and I are going to visit Poland in May 2006. 
> My mother was born in Borki. We are going to visit the village and hopefully 
> find the graveyard where my ancestors are buried. 
> We have never been to Poland and do not speak Polish. I do speak German, but not 
> very well. 
> I would appreciate any travel tips, accommodation/food recommendations from 
> anyone who has recently been in Poland. 
> Is the bus/train a reliable means of transportation? 
> Do taxi drivers, hotel staff usually speak some English? 
> I do plan to learn Polish for travellers this winter, if I can find a teacher. 
> Thanks 
> Dorothy McGee 
> dtmcgee at rogers.com 
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