[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Rozyszcze Death Records Revisited Again with Thanks

William Remus remus at hawaii.edu
Thu Dec 8 14:56:01 PST 2005

I wanted to thank everyone for their contributions on my Rozyszcze Death Records questions. I liked especially Jerry Frank's message in which he talked about how he approaches reading these records. His comments are very helpful on new records. The collective wisdom helped to set up Jan Textor's detailed solution to the first problem should below. This would allow me to look in the Kolo church books and Babiak church books to find Daniel and his parents (Peter) and to find out more from books about the area. 

Jan: "I made a search in the SGGEE Pedigree Database and found Daniel Froehlich and his wife Wilhelmine Labrentz there.  There was no birthplace mentioned for him, but his father, Peter Froehlich, is also in the database, and his birthplace is listed as follows:
"Polish Colony Of Lasziska [Laziska] Near Town Of Babiak". Therefore, in my mind there is no doubt that the birth place of Daniel Froehlich that is shown in the above mentioned scan should read "Laziska".  You will not find this village in the ShtetlSeeker, but it is located about 2 km northeast of Przystronie, which in turn is located at the coordinates 52.21'N 18.36'E.  The village of Laziska is mentioned in Oskar Kossmann's book "Die Deutschen in Polen seit der Reformation", and shown as number 1033 in table V: "Warschauer Liste der Kolonien und Kolonisten vom Jahre 1835".  In 1825 the village had 80 inhabitants, which number had decreased to 34 in 1835."

On the second more trickier question about Wilhelm Frohlich, Rose Ingram got the dates (24.2./26.2.1894 ) and Gerhard Koenig got the village where Wilhelm died (Alt Dubisch in Volhynia) and his place of birth (District Kalisch) plus more interesting details. You might note that sometimes even a complete translation leaves me with new problems. For example, Wilhelm who is part of my maternal family was born in District Kalisch according to his death record. That is a big district whose borders vary and as noted above have at times included Kolo and Babiak. So I would probably begin my search with Babiak and Kolo in the perhaps wrong assumption that Daniel and Wilhelm were related.

Thanks to all    Bill

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