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Emilie Dedezius was my paternal grandmother.  The information that I have about her comes from my father's EWZ records and from his sister-in-law's EWZ records.  Here is what I have:

-     She was born in 1874 in or near Rowno.
-     She was of Czech descent.  Therefore, your hunch that her forebears came from Galicia is a good one.
-     Her father's first name was Franz.  I don't know her mother's name nor the names of any siblings.  
      A Franz Dedezius appears on the list published in the Zhitomir newspaper in 1916 of German colonists whose property was confiscated.  His property is listed under Toporitsche Rudnia.  Emilie lived in Olshovka (Olschewka) when the EWZ records were made.  As you know, these two localities are near one another.
     She and her family must have moved from the Rowno area to the Toporitsche area sometime before 1910, the year one of my father's brothers was born in Olshovka.  Her husband was born in 1975 in Rudnia Fassova.  I assume the marriage took place in the Toporitsche area. 
-     She was a Baptist at the time of the EWZ record.  She easily could have been Lutheran or Catholic at the time of her birth.

Thank you for your interest.

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> George: 
> I assume you mean 1874. The DEDEZIUS surname is very unusual and I have not 
> seen it before. There are only 23 Internet hits with a GOOGLE search. The name 
> does not appear in any of the SGGEE databases except as submitted by you. 
> Can you give us a bit of background information? Would she have been Lutheran 
> German or was she Catholic or perhaps even Baptist? Do you have certain 
> evidence that she was born in Volhynia or did she migrate there with her parents 
> as an infant or young child? 
> Do you know what village they lived in within the Rowno parish or province? Do 
> you know where her family migrated from? Some Germans moved north from Galicia 
> and this might be a name with origins there. 
> Jerry Frank 
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> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Dedezius Birth Record 
> > I have not been successful in finding a film number that may 
> > contain the birth record for Emilie Dedezius, born in 1974 in 
> > Rowno. Can anyone help? 
> > 
> > George Shoning 
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