[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The new death records from Rozyszcze Parish in Volhynia

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Hello list, 
Did I miss the web site where the death records are now available - even  
though they are not indexed? Or are they not available on internet. If they are  
available, please post the site once more, I must have missed it. Thanks for  
clearing this up, 
Regards from  Nellie, 
a 68-yr-old root digger
in Texas, where the ground never freezes.  (had a few cooolllddd days, back 
to 68 today)

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Thanks Bill for  your report.
SGGEE has asked permission to Index ALL these 'newly filmed'  records.  But 
to date we have not yet received a response.  Keep  your fingers crossed.

Rose Ingram

From: "William  Remus"

The new death records from Rozyszcze Parish in Volhynia are  really quite 
good. These are important records tracking the people  migrating both in 1833

and 1860's into Volhynia. The records run from  1862 to 1895 and all are 
clearly written (film number 2380030 to 2380033).  They are in the order that

the pastor traveled rather than death or  burial date but that is interesting

since it clumps the records by  village. In each year in the 1880's there 
were about 800 deaths in this  parish so it is tedious looking though the 
records. Note that the St  Petersburg Archive death records on the web only 
go to 1885 so these also  cover new ground.

Unluckily, there is no index so you have to read  though all the records. The

good news is each person's place of birth  is listed so you can find out 
where your family might have come from prior  to Volhynia. This is usually a 
place in Russian Poland like Petrikau.  Other good news is that for children 
usually the father and mother with  her maiden name are provided. For older 
people, the spouse's name (or  maiden name) is provided. And the village of 
the death listed. Since this  is a death record, the village is usually the 
village where they  lived.

The records are in clear German script until 1891. Thereafter  the records 
are in clear Cyrillic Russian although the dead person's  Christian name and 
Surname are in parenthesis in German script. The dates  need to be translated

from Russian and also the other names in the  record (this can be tricky). 
But after 1893, the records seem to be  presented twice for each year; that 
is, there are two versions of the  annual records. In these post 1893 
records, it seems there are several  hundred Rozyszcze records in one set but

the other set is about double  the size. So in 1893 to 95 more villages are 

regards  bill


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