[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] DONAT/UHL/STELZER

Delores Stevens deloresstevens at sasktel.net
Tue Dec 20 05:42:28 PST 2005

I am seeking information or descendants of the following:

I have a copy of the marriage certificate for Ferdinand Donat age 19 years 9
months living 4 miles west of Neche, North Dakota.  Parents listed as
Heinrich Donat and Caroline Kroening.

On December 25th 1903 Ferdinand married Catharine Uhl who was age 16 years 3
months.  She lived 5 miles west of Bathgate, North Dakota.  Her parents were
Peter Uhl and Catherine Fiefele.  This couple was married in the Lutheran
Church in Gretna, Manitoba.  Witnesses were Jacob Kuhn of Bathgate and Adolf
Drager (my great grandfather and brother in law of Ferdinand) of Neche.

On January 1, 1911 Catharine Uhl Donat (widow) becomes married to Frederick
Stelzer age 26, bachelor of Neche, North Dakota. His parents listed as
August Stelzer and Carolina Kelm.  They were married in the Lutheran Church
at Gretna, Manitoba, and witnesses were Emil Meoz of Neche and Rudolph
Schaler (my great grandmother's brother in law) also of Neche.

Do not know the date of death for Ferdinand Donat, but do know that he was
still alive in 1908 as he is a witness for the marriage of his mother.  Do
not know where he is buried.  Do not know if there were children of
Ferdinand and Catherine's marriage, but would assume so.  Am seeking any
information.  Sorry for the length of this, but this is the first break
threw that I have had on this man in 10 years.

Thank you
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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