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Do you have Lipno?


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Some words to Poland Maps:

For a smaller part of Poland there exist Maps 1:25000.
These maps were made in the 30th years in Poland, the work couldnt be
finished until WW II. The German took what they found, changed some names
and "published" them 1940. If you are lucky, you can find the house of your
ancestors f.e.

One map has the size about 45cm x 40cm. The maps are available f.e. in
Herder-Institute Marburg.
I donot have a survey of all available maps - but in any case it contents a
region from Lipno - MakowMazowiecki - Warszawa - Gabin - Lodz - Kolo -
Lipno. Out of the north of that region I have many copies.

I will write to Herder Institut and ask for the whole region and put the
answer into the list if you wish.


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