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I down loaded this map section. This is just some speculations, but there is
a town about 25KM NW (mostly N) of Kutno called Lubien-- Lubenstadt?. It is
connected by a rail line to Kutno on this 1934 map. 25KM seems a reasonable
commuting distance by rail at the time. What does Stauden mean in English? I
looked it up but didn't find a translation.


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The recent discussion of maps of Poland reminded me that I have never found
the location or Polish name of "Stauden, AB-Lubenstadt, Kreis Leslau", a
place where our family lived for two years just before the Russian Army took
possession of the area in 1945.  I know that Leslau is Wloclawek in Polish.
My father worked in Kutno.  So I always thought that Stauden must be
somewhere between Wloclawek and Kutno.  Does anyone have a more precise
location or possibly the Polish name of Stauden?

George Shoning

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