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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
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Unfortunately, my Hoefer map which gives good German - Polish 
equivalents stops at Przedecz so I can neither confirm Rose's 
suggestion nor offer any others.

I assume that Lubenstadt must be Lubien Kujawski and that Stauden 
should therefore be very close to it.

At 05:03 PM 01/07/2005, Rose Ingram wrote:
>My guess is that this could be Studzien.  It is about 12 miles WNW of Kutno.
>My father also worked in Kutno 1945, with the railroad.
>I have records of a family of cousins to my mother who were born in
>Langfelde, Kreis Leslau in the 1910's and 1920's - aka Laczewna - about 3
>miles east of Przedecz.  Given the rapid change of boundaries in this area
>in this time period, I'm guessing Kreis Leslau may have briefly extended as
>few miles south to include Studzien.
>My 2 cents worth.
>What family name are you looking for in this area?
>Rose Ingram
>From: George Shoning
> > The recent discussion of maps of Poland reminded me that I have never
> > found the location or Polish name of "Stauden, AB-Lubenstadt, Kreis
> > Leslau", a place where our family lived for two years just before the
> > Russian Army took possession of the area in 1945.  I know that Leslau is
> > Wloclawek in Polish.  My father worked in Kutno.  So I always thought that
> > Stauden must be somewhere between Wloclawek and Kutno.  Does anyone have a
> > more precise location or possibly the Polish name of Stauden?
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