[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Village near Piotrokov, Poland

Gerhard Koenig Gerhard.Koenig at gmx.net
Sun Jul 3 09:07:28 PDT 2005

> Hi Gerhard, I see you posted a message a while ago about the village
> Stanislawow Lipski. My Grandfather was born there 25/11/1905. 

Waldemar, are you mean me? The books of the Lutheran parishes Rawa Maz. and
Tomaszow Maz. are unknown and considered as lost. You can support the group
of Tomaszow and his leader Mr. Balzer. This group is very activ, has very
good contacts to Polish archives and Lutheran pastors in this region. But
Mr. Balzer has no Email adress. His adress:

Stefan Balzer
Raecknitzer Weg 27
01217 Dresden

> His name was Emil Ciechocinski and although its a Polish surname he
> has I am trying to establish the proper name for the family and when
> it was Polonised and why.

Have you an idea about the former surname? For example in Russian the word
"tichie" mean [German / English] ... leise, still / deeply; stumm / mutely.
With the begin "Sich~" or "Zich~" I cant read a russian equivalent.

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