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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 9 07:15:26 PDT 2005

This is a rather interesting puzzle as there appears to be some 
conflict in evidence, depending on how one defines the term "near".

I assume first of all that we are referring to the Dermanka on the 
road between Nowograd Wolhynsk and Schepetowka.  In the page 22 
reference, near would mean about 36 km.

If we look at the page 41 reference, near to Slawuta would mean 32 km 
(straight line), but 44 km by road.  To Ssaslaw (Isjasslawl) perhaps 
about the same distance by road.

Then we also have 2 Dermanka.  One is just to the west side of the 
main highway and a second is about 2 km north of there (west of 
Wladimirowka and south of Rylowka).

I assume that this is the same Dermanka that all the references point 
to???  If this can be confirmed, I will add Blumental as an alternate 
name for that location.  And, is it possible that Blumental was the 
smaller village to the north?

And finally, I have at least one source that gives Marianka as an 
alternate name for this Dermanka.  Can anyone confirm that?

At 01:46 AM 09/07/2005, Dr. Frank Stewner wrote:
>I am unsecure about the location of Blumental.
>I searched the SGGEE Journals and found the following:
>200396 Journal page 22
>Our father Eduard Henke was born August 18, 1855, in Blumental, 
>later Russianized to Dermanka, near Nowograd-Wolynsk, the parish of Schitomir.
>200309 Journal page 18
>Reinhard Henke was born July 1, 1879 in Blumenthal, later known as 
>Dermanka. (It is the Blumental that Hertha Karasek-Strzygowski 
>visited and in her wonderful, "Volhynian diary" (by Elwert, Marburg) 
>told of the area and illustrated with her pictures.)
>200403 Journal page 41
>Colonie Blumenthal Ssaslaw 103 112 13 / 8
>(This Blumental lays near Slawuta, thus in the south near Dermanka)
>  200505 Journal page 36
>Albert and Adolfine's first child was born in 1909 in the village of 
>(From the surrounding sentences: Blumental lays in the Dermanka - Region)
>But in the Map and Index of Jerrry Frank this Blumental is not 
>mentioned. Also not in the map of Dr.K.Stumpp "Karte der deutschen 
>Siedlungen in ukrainisch Wolhynien". In that map one can find 
>Blumental west of Pulin.
>As the first two findings in the SGGEE-Journals relates to persons 
>in my family file, I am  interested in comments.
>Frank Stewner

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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