[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] LIPNO CONFIRMATION RECORDS 1867-1906FHC#2150611

Michael & Maureen McHenry maurmike at bellatlantic.net
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Hi Jerry

I don't know how recent they are. When I go to my FHC this week I'll checked
the filming date. The confirmation records are item 6 the last on the roll.
The rest are catholic. Did you read my translation request of the Berlin
archives letter? The confirmation records led me to do the enquiry. I can
send scanned copy of a 2 page record.


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At 01:26 PM 14/07/2005, Michael & Maureen McHenry wrote:
>I viewed these yesterday. They are very easy to read and informative.
>headings are in Polish and entries German. They include date, name of
>conferment, his/her village, sponsors, date of birth, etc. Could one of our
>Polish translators verify my translation of column headings? I can send a
>scanned attachment. I personally had some success. My surname interest,
>MANZEI showed 7 times from the village of Maliszewo and only from that
>village. This was the village I hope to find them from. This gives me
>confidence to write Warsaw Archives as the FHC films for BMD don't cover
>this time period for Lipno.
>                     Mike

Hi Mike.  Just got back from vacation and wanted to get more info on 
this message.  I'd like to add the resource to the website.

I assume this is one of the new films recently released by the 
LDS.  Is that correct?  If so, was it on the list that Rose 
distributed?  I don't remember seeing it.

Is there an Item # for this particular part of the film?  Is there 
other stuff on the film of interest to us?


Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca  

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