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An expert in Polish place names, Fred Hoffman, has suggested to me that Romunki / Rumunki with a few other variants, has the connotation of an original settlement of people from Romania.  The term is most prevalent in the region around Lipno but extends to the Plock and Gostynin areas as well.  He was less than confident about his explanation.

I have also seen someone suggest that this term has a Germanic connotation, in a similar form to Hollendry.  However, this person did not offer any explanation for the actual derivation of the term from either a German or Polish word.

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Subject: Poland Maps 1919-1939  Rumunki translation

> I down loaded the Plock rectangle. Near the town of Lipno there is the
> abbreviation RUM. before a few town names. In the legend it has Rum.
> Rumunki. The word isn't in my Polish dictionary. Can someone 
> translate?
>                    Mike 
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> At 04:46 PM 26/06/2005, Klaus-Guenter Leiss wrote:
> >Hello,
> >maybe somebody is searching maps of poland from the time between
> >the world wars. I found that the polish Military Kartografic 
> Institute did
> >high resolution maps during 1919-1939. The maps were available in
> >1:100000 and 1:300000. A lot of this maps are available online at
> >
> >Map Archive of Wojskowy Instytut Geograficzny ( WIG ) 1919-1939
> >http://mapywig.obluze.net.pl/main.php?lang=2&page=
> >
> >unfortunately there are almost no maps from Volhynia available.
> >
> >The site above has some quirks. It is VERY slow, and it seems to
> >support only a small number of connections. If I try to acces the 
> site>from home I get a "connection refused" three times out of 
> four. At
> >work I see only the slowness of the site, so the "connection refused"
> >may come from my ISP because the site is slow.
> >
> >They are looking to complete the archive so if somebody has such
> >Maps from the WIG ( especially from Volhynia ) could he look if his
> >maps are missing on the site. WWII maps from the german
> >"Generalstab des Heeres" are from the same data and are accepted
> >if the WIG map is missing.
> Very interesting site with good quality maps for the region 
> covered.  This is not a site for anyone with dial-up 
> connections.  Using a cable high-speed connection, I started the 
> download for the 1:100,000 map of the Plock region at 6:15.  At 
> 8:30 
> it was still not complete but I had to go out for awhile so I let 
> it 
> continue to download.  At about 7:15 I had started another 
> download 
> for the 1:300,000 map of Plock.  I have just returned home at 
> 10:30.  The first map is completed but the second is still working 
> away.  I'm not sure what it is doing as the map appears to be 
> complete.
> I have saved them to my computer so that I don't have to go 
> through that
> again.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca  
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