[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] New look for the SGGEE website

Jutta Dennerlein Jutta.Dennerlein at t-online.de
Tue Mar 1 09:25:22 PST 2005


so you ignored all warnings of "never touch a running system"?

Congratulations! - I think it has been worth it.
Gary Warner has done a great job in collecting the valuable content
and you and your team has done a great job with that new design. I can
imagine how much work has been invested for that!

Kind regards
Jutta Dennerlein

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> We are pleased to announce a new look for the SGGEE website.
> After some seven years of tireless dedication to creating
> and looking after
> the original site, Gary Warner has turned the reigns over
> to me.  We thank
> him for his dedication and commitment.  He will continue to
> look after the
> databases by collecting, adding, correcting, and merging
> data in them.
> For the past four months we have put countless hours into
> making the
> transition to the new format.  Special thanks to Irene
> Kopetzke for her
> underlying site design.  She created the basic layout and
> then was very
> patient with me as I learned much about site design and
> maintenance from
> her example and instruction.  She also helped me find all
> the mistakes (or
> at least most of them) which I made with the German pages.
> She, with the
> assistance of Gerhard Koenig, will continue to be involved with the
> maintenance of the German language pages and the creation
> of new ones.
> The site displays the new logo designed by Les Ollenburg.  Les is a
> professional artist who did a great job in creating a
> simple logo with
> significant meaning.  Thank you Les.
> We also had the help of Klaus Leiss, Ray Bloch, and Paul
> Work with changes
> and additions to the German language pages.  Still others
> helped with
> evaluating and proofing the site, too many to mention.  We
> thank them for
> their efforts and assistance.
> Matt Warner provided invaluable assistance in the technical
> aspects of the
> change and continues to ensure that ALL our computer
> systems remain in good
> working order.
> Yours truly transferred the material from the original site
> to the new and
> reformatted them as required to suit.
> Most of the material on the new site is identical to the
> old.  We have
> relocated some material to better reflect a logical
> indexing system but you
> should have no trouble finding what you are looking for.
> With any change of this type involving literally hundreds
> of pages of
> material, there are bound to be some glitches.  Please let
> me know if you
> find any broken links, spelling or grammar errors, etc. which may
> occur.  We would like to correct them to ensure that we
> have a professional
> looking site.  In particular we are presently experiencing
> some problems
> with the appearance of the search report pages.  Please
> bear with us as we
> work through them.
> An important note for Explorer users:  please set your
> "text view" feature
> to "medium" for best viewing.
> As with any change in control over material such as this,
> you will continue
> to see changes to the site over the next few months.  I
> want to assure you
> that in all I do, it is my intention to maintain the ease
> of use and the
> integrity of the site and to build on the legacy that Gary
> built up in the
> past years.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
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