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Per the following message, Anneliese Heiser is seeking information about 
the Uhl family.  If you can help, please send email directly to her

nc-heiserge2 at netcologne.de

as she is not subscribed to our list.

I am seeking further details - birth, death, places, ancestors) for Georg 
Uhl, father of my grandfather Heinrich Uhl, born 1857 in Penslawice, 
Staszow, Kielce, Russian Poland.

Anneliese Heiser
nee Gardzella, daughter of Kathrina Uhl, daughter of Heinrich Uhl

>Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 14:02:28 +0100
>From: Gerd Heiser <nc-heiserge2 at netcologne.de>
>Sehr geehrter Herr Frank,
>ich suche zu Georg Uhl (Vater meines Gro_vaters Heinrich Uhl, Birth 1857 
>in Penslawice,Staszow,Kielce,Russian Poland oder Kongre_polen) ndhere Angaben.
>Geburt, Tod, Ort, Vorfahren.
>Ich bedanke mich f|r die \bersetzung ins Englische.
>Freundliche Gr|sse
>Anneliese Heiser
>geborene Gardzella, Tocher der Kathrina Uhl, Tochter von Heinrich Uhl

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