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  I am interested in knowing how others have managed acquired or scanned
  relating to their ancestoral research. I am finding that my database has
  gotten large and the name of the file containing the photo is usually only
  partially helpful.

  One of my research objectives has been to visit relatives that have been
  returning to Germany from Russia and Kazakhstan and to scan their photo
  albums. This helps me in learning about my ancestors, their descendents and
  their travels between Volhynia and the East. However, in doing so, I have
  accumulated a large number of photos, sometimes duplicates in various
  with those of others or even duplicates of those held by my relatives here
  Canada. The process has been to scan them, and to put them in directories
  related to the person who was the source of the files. As luck would have
  even revisiting the person later, new photos would come out, that were not
  previous known leading to a multiple directories. I have received CDs with
  multiple sources which makes it a bit more confusing.

  Usually the names of the people, the location of the photo and the time of
  are data that is acquired. If possible, I try to get some additional info
  even a story related to the photo. All this has been put onto paper, but is
  not in a searchable database. I am considering putting this data in the
  "Properties" portion related to a file and using Google Desktop to search
  it, but that may not be a complete solution. I would like to also be able
  know if there are duplicates of the photo.

  I have been sharing these photos with others which leads to more
  more threads for followup research, and ultimately more photos.
  Unfortunaltely, I sometimes forget which photos I have already discussed
  people, and spend additional time going back over them on a subsequent
  What I am finding is that the knowledgeable people are usually in the 70s
  later, and even they sometimes disagree on the people in the photos.
  this info needs to be managed to be of help in my research. I am realizing
  that there is a limited amount of time before the people pass away and any
  uncollected data is lost, and relevant photos are dispersed to the next

  Are there any surefire ways of handling this? Do some people have methods
  work and would be applicable to this problems. Perhaps this would be a good
  discussion item on this mail list.


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