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Gross Poetzdorf (Pacoltowo)was a branch of the Gierswalde(now Gierzwald)
church and your information should be found in that church parish; the LDS
has microfilmed the Gierswalde church records which run back into the
It's possible that we may be very distantly related, as I recall seeing a
record from 1859 of a Caroline being born to a Karl Sawatzki and his wife
Henrietta Scharein; they were living at Gross Kirsteinsdorf at the time. My
Grandmother too was a Henrietta Scharein but born later than 1859. The
villages recorded in the Gierswalde parish were Poetzdorf, Kalwa, Moscal,
Gr. Kirsteinsdorf ,Sapieken,Wrobblen, Domkau, Gierswalde, Steffenswald,
Kittnau, Steffenswalde Huetter, Kalwen, Borkowisna, Steinfluss, Koskal?,
Anehen, Borkowijneo?,Borcheritzwald. The records are written in German and I
would think that you should be able to trace your lines back at least 2 and
perhaps 3 generations, if the families did not move about to much.
Howard Krushel
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> I am trying to find information concerning my grandmother, Charlotte
> Sawatzky (Sowatzke), born August 12, 1868, Gross Pvtzdorf, Osterode
> county, Ostpreussen province.  From census papers, it appears she came
> to America in 1886 and on the Registration of Marraige her parents names
> are listed as F. Sawatzki and H. Sawatzki.
> Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated,
> Lois Wade
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