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I wanted to float a few more ideas for those looking for information on  
Regarding deportations from WWI - _www.wolhynien.de_ 
(http://www.wolhynien.de)  has a list of deportees  listed in a 1916 Zhitomer newspaper.  You can find 
the list under the  button marked "Zeitung, Shitomer 1916" on the opening 
page.  Names appear  by town and an alphabetical index can be found at the top of 
the page.  I  have found that deportees can be listed by town of residence OR 
on a nearby  town's list.  You can confirm if you relatives were on the list 
- but not  where they were sent. This is Irene Kopetzki's very fine site for  
Volhynia.  Kristen Feifert Clark: Nedbajewka is on the list, however I do  not 
find the other two towns translated.  Contact Irene (her email contact  is on 
the website) and ask if deportee listings from these two towns are  
The EWZ films, which can be found under "War Documents" on the pixel site  
may also list your relatives whereabouts by date, including the towns they were  
deported to for both WWI and WWII.  The EWZ documents are where I  found my 
Gottschalk family was deported to a town called Astrakhan (on the  Caspian Sea) 
in WWI and to a town called "Kaminskoje" which is just north of  Kazachstan 
and a Trud Army Labor Camp in WWII.  Look for  the "Odessa Digital Library" 
link under "Other Sites of Interest" on the  SGGEE main page for a list of names 
and their EWZ location  (near the  bottom of the page). Do a "Full Text 
Search" and adjust the drop down box  for "War Records."  Kristen:  a Feifert family 
is listed and an EWZ  record is available.  
Research through the archive in Zhitomer shows one Gottschalk was sent to  
the "Northern Regions".  Finding the exact town looks to be impossible, but  
this area was generally referred to as "Siberia."  The archive was able to  
locate the actual NKVD trial records. If any of you are interested, email me  
separately and I will give you the email of the researcher.  
Correspondence with a Drigert relative who just made it back to Germany in  
1996 (!) has shown that many of the people from Beresowo Hath, Blumenthal and  
Pulin areas were sent to the town of Thelman in Kazachstan.  Apparently  there 
were many GRUS there.  Perhaps others on the list may have  information about 
areas where their families were sent.   Kristen:  Irene has a connection to 
Nedbajewka, I believe, and  may know more of the deportation locations from 
that area for both WWI and  WWII.  
Carol Gottschalk Burns

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