[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Deportation of Volhynian Germans to Siberia

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Hello Richard
    You asked for anyone who has a story re; the deportation, to pass it on. 
The following few lines are gleaned from notes my eldest brother, Bernard 
Buss (now deceased) had written about a letter written by our Uncle Bill 
(Wilhelm Buss), born Sept 1899 re: our ancestors.(he is also deceased). 
Specifically, he (Bill) was referring to our Great Grandparents Wilhelm Buss 
and Julianna (nee Nikolai).
    "Then in 1915 during World War 1, the German people were all removed 
from the Russian Province of Volhynia as the German armies advanced and were 
transported far inland and right across the mighty Volga River to the 
vicinity of Buzuluk, where they lived until 1918.  Uncle Bill has it that 
they lived at Podolsk, which of course is wrong (sic). Buzuluk was in the 
Province of Samara, now Kuibyshev.
Wilhelm and Julianna went in company with their eldest son Julius.  In 1916 
Wilhelm died at about 80.  He was laid to rest in the Buzuluk cemetery.  His 
wife Julianna died in 1918 whilst on the return journey to Volhynia by rough 
box-car train.  She was laid to rest in the city of Sysran on the banks of 
the Volga, in what was then the Province of Penza.  Julius also died in 
1916, at 52".
    I hope this helps alittle bit, where names of deportees may be found.
Dan Buss   dbuss at pathcom.com

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> Sorry to be so slow in responding, but I've been busily entertaining my 
> visiting kids on the nearby slopes of the Bridger Mts. It's a tough life.
> Karl Krueger is correct.  There are (in all likelihood) no lists of 
> deportees.  The only possible exception might be (if I correctly remember 
> an email I once got from Eric Lohr at Harvard) some early deportees from 
> Poland who were instructed to take the trains provided for the purpose and 
> might thereby have gotten their names on a list.  I think he told me that 
> such lists might be in the archives of the Army or the railroad 
> administrations. Finding them would be a monstrous task.  But the 
> expulsion in Volhynia was carried out in much too chaotic a fashion 
> (mostly by wagon) for names to have been collected.
> I shouldn't make promises, but I do have in mind to write something on the 
> Deportation of 1915 one of these days.  And I'll be finishing up (I hope) 
> the talk on this subject that I started at last year's Convention in 
> Calgary at this year's Convention in St. Paul.  In the meantime, if anyone 
> has specific questions, please feel free to ask me.  It might just happen 
> that I've read something that might have a bearing on them.
> I'd also like to urge anyone who has a story about the Deportation to tell 
> me about it.  I'm relying heavily on personal accounts of the experience, 
> and the more, the better.
> Dick Benert
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>>I am looking for any information on the deportation of Volhynian Germans 
>> Siberia in WWI.
>> I am interested to know if my family appeared on any records or lists as
>> being sent. My dad has talked of at least my g-gmother, KAROLINE FEIFERT 
>> going
>> to Siberia. The remainder of the family would have been HEINRICH, EMIL,
>> OTTILIE,  and perhaps ALBERTINE and SAMUEL. Can anyone point me in the 
>> direction I
>> need to  go or provide me with a bit more information?
>> Kristen FEIFERT Clark
>> Searching: Nedbajewka, Rohrbach(Berjozowka),  Gruental
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