[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German deportations - relating to my families of Meyer, Sonnenberg, Lubitz, Grams, Heuer

eleanorhaas at juno.com eleanorhaas at juno.com
Thu Mar 24 15:21:41 PST 2005

I am reading a book by Caesar Neumann about his deportation and prisoner
of war experiences from Poland to the Russian front, to Germany and
eventually to America.  Some of his family names are Klaus, Hein and of
course Neumann.  He had some relatives who moved to Edmonton, Alberta

He came from very near where my grandfather was born so it has been
interesting reading.  My grandfather was born in Wiesendorf.  It is near
the Thorn (Torun) and Lipno areas.  My grandfather was Frederick Meyer. 
His parents were Ferdinand and Louisa nee Sonnenberg Meyer.  Linda
Pauling found records on the family for me.  My great grandmother Ludwika
(Louisa) was born in 1861 to August Sonnenberg.  Her mother was Justyna
Krueger (I had been told Ernestine).  My great grandfather Ferdynand
(Ferdinand) Jan Meyer was born 1859.  My grandfather Frederick (I do not
have the records for) was born in 1883 according to what he told my
mother and family.  Ferdynand came to America, arriving in New York on
the Augusta Victoria from Hamburg, Germany on October 03, 1896.  He
listed his ethnicity as Russia.  Then my grandfather, Frederick, but on
the ship list is called Fritze, came with his mother and 3 other siblings
at a later date.  Grandpa was listed as 10 years of age on the ship list,
however that would put them coming in 1893, which isn't correct.  My
mother always said that he was 13 when he came.  There also was a Krueger
on the ship with them.  The destination was Perham, Ottertail County,

Great grandmother Louisa had a sister Paulina who married an unknown
Grams.  In the 1945 deportation the family in Bertha, Minnesota received
a plea for help as Paulina and her two daughters were separated in that
flight.  The family never heard from them after that.  Eleanor

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