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For your information - from AGoFF mailinglist
Mr. Gundacker is a member of the VSFF (Vereinigung Sudetendeutscher
Familienforscher). You can read an overview about this region here:

Mr. Gundacker is an activ member of this society, write often in the closed
and open mailinglists for Bohemia and is a professional genealogist. His
publications are very exactly, with many informations and show an extensive
study of the old literature.

His startpage in English:

Some of his collections are free available here (German):
village lists with parishes

For researcher in Bohemia I can recommend his books.


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Sehr geehrte Listenteilnehmer!

Mein Historisches Ortsverzeichnis Galizien und Bukowina ist nun wieder
lieferbar. Mehr Informationen auf meiner Internetseite.
Translation: My Historical Village Index of Galicia and Bukovina is
available now. More informations you can read on my website.
Mit besten Gruessen,

Ing. Felix Gundacker
professional genealogist
IHFF Genealogie Gesellschaft mbH
Pantzergasse 30/8
Austria 1190 WIEN
Tel = 0043 1 369 97 29
Fax = 0043 1 369 97 30
email: mailto:office at ihff.at
internet: www.ihff.at
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