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Sun Mar 27 07:16:17 PST 2005

I solved the problem by deleting the link in my Favorites and creating a
new one. 

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I still have them. It's apparent that problem resides in my PC. Would
some PC savvy person take a look at what I'm seeing? I assume the SGGEE
server would strip a copy out if I sent it to the list.


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It seems to be working now.  They may have uploaded new listings in the 
Catalog and may have forgotten to 'switch off' the diacritics.   Did you

know that the Catalog is updated at least weekly.

Rose Ingram

From: "Michael & Maureen McHenry"
> I'm getting what appear to be diacritics at the FHC when searching
> Poland. I have played with the encoding but can't make them go away. I
> tried western European ISO, Windows and UFT-8. Can anyone help me?
>                  MIKE

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