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At 10:38 AM 31/03/2005, you wrote:
>Does anybody know, where the Kepa Zaycz or Kepa Zajcz (Church book Zyck
>Polski: Kepie Zaieczey) is or was located? My g-g-grandfather David
>Friedrich Krause and his siblings were born there.
>It must have been a Kepa near Zyck.
>The Ilow Konfirmandenliste shows a location "Sitzk Kemp" .

Zyck = Zyck Niemieckie (German Zyck) = Nowe Zyck (New Zyck)

The river flows from SE to NW at this point.  A rail line follows closely 
along the bank of the river.  Zyck is about 2 km SW of that railway.  Zyck 
Polskie (Polish Zyck) is due north of Zyck Niemieckie, about half way to 
the rail line.  As you know from your experience in visiting this area, ( 
http://www.upstreamvistula.org/Reports/Report_AK1.htm ) the villages along 
the river here are grouped so closely together it is hard to know where one 
ends and the next begins.

I have no maps that show Zyck Polskie alternatively as Kepa but have no 
reason to doubt the church book equivalency.  Kepa usually refers to a 
location on an island or on the lowlands immediately adjacent to a 
river.  Perhaps the entire village extended up the bank somewhat and the 
lower part became known as Kepa while the other was Zyck Niemieckie.  I 
don't have a contour map of the area but some elevation points are shown on 
my map which indicate that Zyck Niemieckie might be 4 or 5 m. higher than 
Zyck Polskie.

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