[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Evangelical Lutheran church records and Ellis Island

Karl Krueger dabookk54 at yahoo.com
Sun May 1 18:10:04 PDT 2005

Hi Cynthia,
As Jerry said this is an amazing stroke of serendipity. I remember helping Janine out several months ago. We did confirm that her ancestry is in fact German as yours. She has a scan of her grandmother's confirmation record so she could show you what it looks like - it would be from the same church.
Janine was hoping to find out much more about her family, particularly those that remained in Poland until WW II. You probably also have  relatives that remained in Zyrardow until then. EWZ records seem quite extensive from Zyrardow so chances are good you can find relatives in those records. If you wish I could look up what LDS films Zyradow residents are listed in and you could study this entire city looking for them.
Definitely send Janine an email. The two of you linking up should hopefully synergise your effectiveness.in your research. I know Janine will be very excited to hear from you.

Jerry Frank <FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca> wrote:
Finding that name in our archived messages from last December is what is 
known as serendipity. It didn't have to be there as the original name 
being questioned was Meissner. Rose just happened to mention her as the 
accompanying person.

You can find more info about the parish and records on our website. I 
think if you go back to the Ellis Island records and look for her as 
Zophia, you will find her. I like to use the One Step Search at 
http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/EIDB/ellis.html .

The original person asking about Meissner was Janine at 
jankohl57 at aol.com 
. You might try contacting her personally as you my find some connection 
other than friendship for these 2 ladies.

At 09:52 AM 01/05/2005, Jerry Frank wrote:
>Cynthia Howland
>bluebird07 at bellsouth.net
>Sat Apr 30 09:11:25 PDT 2005
>I just found your web site and am so excited. Today I entered my
>grandmother's maiden name (Duwe) in the search and this message about Amalia
>Majsner arriving with Zophia Duwe came up. We had always spelled my
>grandmother' first name with an "S" and I had not thought of using a "Z".
>The immigration records I have for Sophia Duwe show she entered the US on
>July 9, 1913. She was from Zyrardow, Mazowieckie as was my grandfather Emil
>Zippel. He arrived here in 1911 and sent for her as soon as he could save
>up the money. At one time we had her certificate of Confirmation in the
>Lutheran Church. My notes say the church was in Zyrardow. Unfortunately
>the certificate has been handed around within the family and can't be found
>at this time. There was never any indication of a Jewish heritage and my
>grandparents always considered themselves German (though it was said Sophia
>was also Bohemian/French). The children were raised in the Lutheran Church.
>I would love to know more and would be glad to share what little information
>I have.
>I have not found my grandparents on any online Ellis Island list or ships
>list. Where would I find the record you quoted?
>Thank you,
>Cynthia Howland

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca 

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