[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Steinke from Volhynia in Canada

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Mon May 2 13:11:43 PDT 2005

 From the Volhynia website in Germany comes this query.  Since Berthold is 
not a subscriber of this mailing list, please respond personally to him if 
you can help.

Name: Berthold Steinke
Email: <kbsteinke at aol.com>
Text:    Hello ,
has anybody knowledge about Staritzkoje (German name: Wilhelmswalde); we 
are looking for a family Steinke.
Names we know are Berthold Steinke and Wanda Steinke (brother and sister), 
the name of the mother of these both was Juliane Steinke.
Wanda Steinke emigrated to Canada, Waterloo region in the 1950th. Probably 
she has two sons. After marriage her last name was Loerchner.

Perhaps you know somebody who knows her; perhaps you can give us a hint how 
to find Wanda Loerchner and her sons in Canada (we are from Germany, 
Munich; my name is Berthold Steinke, the former Berthold Steinke was my 
father; Wanda Steinke is a aunt of me, unfortunatly we have lost contact in 
the 1960th).

Thank you in advance

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