[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Village location

Lloyd Friedrick lloydfriedrick at telus.net
Mon May 16 15:59:04 PDT 2005

HI Jerry Frank   .... can  you help me with this village?

This came in from one of my Bavarian relatives. They [and I] want to locate this village that is described as  Towin near Zhitomir.

I have other relatives that are connected to Torcyzn, would this be the same village as Towin?

 email reference

The lady's grandgrandfather's name was Christian Friedrich. Her Grandpa was called Johann and born in 1895. He has been living in Towin near Schitomir (in Ukraine). He married Albertine geb. Thierling in Dorf Gut Baleten/Kreis Königberg in 1919. They had seven children and were sent to Timscher/ Komi by Stalin.


lloyd friedrick in British Columbia

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