[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Place = Gocin, Names Hein, Grams

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Were your Hein's Evangelical Lutheran or Baptist? My Hein's were Baptist/

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I'm searching Michael Hein, born about 1869 in Gocin
Gouv. Plotzk. Parents Daniel Hein and Wilhelmine Grams.

For the place name I'm not sure that it is Gocin. The middle
letter could also be a e, or somethingelse. I'm fairly sure
about "Go" for the start and "in" for the end.

The Information is from Michaels Volhyinian marriage record
with Julianne Christine Schmalz daughter of August Schmalz
and Christine Ehmann. Born about 1872 in Dzierzaznia.

I searched the SGGEE Databases but got a blank, maybe

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