[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Place = Gocin, Names Hein, Grams

Gary Warner gary at warnerengineering.com
Sat May 21 09:01:48 PDT 2005

Klaus and Jerry,

Perhaps this is only a coincidence, but I have learned not to immediately 
toss out such occurences.

If the place can be determined to be Gucin, in Nasielsk or Nowy Dwor 
parish, there are lots of Grams and Hein families in that area.  Nasielsk 
is a daughter parish that formed when Nowy Dwor was split in the 1850s.

There are also two Wilhelmine Grams in Nasielsk or Nowy Dwor parish for 
whom I have more information.  One is my great-grandmother, and one appears 
to be her first cousin.  Both were born in Karolinow (right next to Gucin), 
and both were baptized within one half hour of each other in Nowy 
Dwor.    I was able to obtain a marriage certificate from the Polish 
archives for my Wilhelmina Grams for 1861 from Nasielsk parish.  My great 
great grandfather Peter Grams died in Gucin in 1856.

Gary Warner

At 07:09 AM 5/21/2005, Jerry Frank wrote:
>At 02:52 PM 20/05/2005, Klaus-Guenter Leiss wrote:
> >Hello,
> >I'm searching Michael Hein, born about 1869 in Gocin
> >Gouv. Plotzk. Parents Daniel Hein and Wilhelmine Grams.
> >
> >For the place name I'm not sure that it is Gocin. The middle
> >letter could also be a e, or somethingelse. I'm fairly sure
> >about "Go" for the start and "in" for the end.
> >
> >The Information is from Michaels Volhyinian marriage record
> >with Julianne Christine Schmalz daughter of August Schmalz
> >and Christine Ehmann. Born about 1872 in Dzierzaznia.
> >
> >I searched the SGGEE Databases but got a blank, maybe
>I could not find any village similar to Gocin.  I also considered Gorin,
>Goryn, and Goren but found nothing in the Plotzk area.
>If you can send me privately a scan of the document, I will see if I can a
>better interpretation of the writing.  Please include as much of the page
>as possible so that I can compare to other writing on the page.
>Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
>FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
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