[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wijunschin or Nowosolna

gpvjem gpvjem at sasktel.net
Sat May 21 14:11:30 PDT 2005

    The places you mention are within a kilometer or two of each other so when Nowosolno became a separate parish (from Lodz) in 1838, Wiaczyn became part of it.
    If you are near a Family History Center, you may want to look at film  number 588,555 which contains the birth, marriage and death records for Nowosolna up 1853.  Likely the birth record can be seen and may be easier to read

John Marsch

  My great-grandfather Karl Litke stated on a hand-written page in German that he was born in Wijunschin (Vunscheenia in Russian) near Lodz in 1852.  I have a parish record in Polish from Nowosolna that appears to record the birth of a Karol to Frydryk and Juliansiy Kurzow in 1852.  I cannot read Polish and the record is somewhat difficult to read.  Does anyone know if Wijunschin is the same or in the vicinity of Nowosolna?  Both are near Lodz.

  George Shoning

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