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At 07:18 AM 02/11/2005, DKrausePHS at aol.com wrote:
>@ things.
>1.   Pastors were not required to keep church recordes in Polish for
>Evangelisch German Churches in Poland. These record were in German.
>My German grandfather Krause married my Polsis Grandmother Sheperski in 1892
>and was disowned, not because she was Polish but because she was Catholic and
>he changed from Lutheranism to Catholicism.
>Duane Krause

Just to clarify:

Actual Lutheran (Evangelical) CHURCH records were indeed written in 
German.  You find examples of this on microfilm for the Ilow 
Parish.   However, the church was also obligated by law to keep a set 
of CIVIL records.  These are most commonly found on the microfilms 
and were written in the State languages of Polish before 1868 and 
Russian Cyrillic after that.

This applies ONLY to Russian Poland.  I assume that all records in 
Prussian regions would be in German.

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