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Thanks for you reply.  There has never been any indication of the family 
roots being Jewish but you never know.  The Gepperts and Zells show up in 
the SGGEE database in Lutheran records  and other than my GGGrandfather 
Daelick they were all apparently devout Lutherans.


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> have you ever thought your family may be from Jewish roots?
> just a quick look at your names....for instance, Klein, Geppert, Lemke, 
> Zell, are Jewish names.   - vl
> "Barbara Cooper" <bdaelick at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> All this discussion regarding the languages various Germans spoke has 
>> been very interesting.  My Great Great Grandmother apparently spoke about 
>> four languages, I assume German, Russian, Polish and English, she was 
>> also a Lutheran.  She married my Great Great Grandfather a Catholic who 
>> spoke only Russian.  How they met I do not know , it certainly must have 
>> been quite a love story.  He was from Podolia, they were in Volhynia - 
>> how I wish I knew the story!  Anyway, what I find interesting is that in 
>> the 1911 Census all of my German speaking, imigrated from Volhynia 
>> relatives state that their ethnic origin is Polish (almost ten families 
>> in all).  This also applies to some other German speaking families in the 
>> area that were aIpparently from Volhynia.  Does anyone have a theory as 
>> to why this would be?
>> I am researching the names Daelick(Deylik), Lemke, Geppert, Sesula, 
>> Klein, Strauch, Kuehn, Schulz,Rakko, Zell, Weisner in Russian Poland, 
>> Volhynia and Podolia.
>>Barbara Cooper
>>Martensville, Saskatchewan
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