[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] wandering volhynians back issues

Dave Obee daveobee at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 4 20:55:34 PST 2005

People ask from time to time about back issues of Wandering Volhynians, the publication that helped many of us connect with each other back in those dark days before the arrival of the Internet. Several people on our list, including Ron Neuman and Jerry Frank, were instrumental in developing Wandering Volhynians into a credible source. For most of its existence, Ewald Wuschke of Vancouver published it, but there hasn't been a new issue for several years.

I've had an email from Ewald's sister Elvira Howe, who says several complete sets of Wandering Volhynians are available. They are being made available as a complete package, covering 1987 through 1999. The price, including postage, is $120 CAD for Canadian addresses, $125 CAD for U.S. addresses, and $145 CAD for European ones.

If you're interested, contact Elvira directly at thewuschkes at yahoo.com .

Dave Obee

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