[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Edenwald - EdenWold spelling

Jack Milner wjmilner at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 8 07:30:06 PST 2005

Dear listers,

The official name is Edenwold and here is why:

Emigrants lived in a settlement which they named Neu-Tulscha (also 
spelled Neu-Tulcea or New Tulscha), first settled in 1885. According to 
various accounts, the name was changed when the Reverend H. Schmieder, a 
Lutheran missionary, came to the district in 1889. He told Phillip Mang, 
Sr., that it reminded him of the Garden of Eden. Mang was perhaps 
thinking about the many aspen groves when he said that it looked more 
like woods than a garden and thereby introduced the name "Edenwald. 
"This name was sent to Ottawa, the Canadian capital, for registration, 
but a clerical error substituted an "o" for the "a," and the spelling 
has remained Edenwold

Jack Milner

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