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And I suppose that is how many names, including family names, were possibly
changed on arrival in Canada.
The "Denkschrift zum Silber-Jubilaeum....." of 1922 however still has it as
Edenwald. It continues indicating that Pastor Schmieder first held services
at Edenwald/Edenwold on Oct. 30, 1889; On Sept. 27, 1890 17 families decided
to form the St. Johns Ev. Lutheran church;  July 17, 1893, the church was
dedicated, this being the second church for this Synod in Western
Canada.(the first being the Trinity Lutheran church in Winnipeg).
Edenwald/Edenwold served the Germans settlers of Davin, Kronau,Longlake and
Howard Krushel

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> Dear listers,
> The official name is Edenwold and here is why:
> Emigrants lived in a settlement which they named Neu-Tulscha (also
> spelled Neu-Tulcea or New Tulscha), first settled in 1885. According to
> various accounts, the name was changed when the Reverend H. Schmieder, a
> Lutheran missionary, came to the district in 1889. He told Phillip Mang,
> Sr., that it reminded him of the Garden of Eden. Mang was perhaps
> thinking about the many aspen groves when he said that it looked more
> like woods than a garden and thereby introduced the name "Edenwald.
> "This name was sent to Ottawa, the Canadian capital, for registration,
> but a clerical error substituted an "o" for the "a," and the spelling
> has remained Edenwold
> Jack Milner

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