[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re Martels,Census, Indexing etc.

Robert Norenberg robertnorenberg at yahoo.ca
Sat Oct 8 10:57:14 PDT 2005

Jerry   Johann(John) is the father of Julius,Otto and
Henry.Julius was from the 1st marriage and I believe
Otto and Henry from the second.That would be Art
Oswald(my father's 1st cousin)in Niakwa Park.I visited
them often there as a child.I would be curious to know
about the Schroeder family you mentioned.Is there
anyone from that family I could connect with? I just
recently discovered Adam Probek (bc1775) and his wife
Jakobina Rapp(bc1785). I notice there are a few Rapp
families from this area.I will be going through the
Catholic Parishes in this area at some point so I'll
probably stumble upon them.
  Nelson I didn't literally mean a census.When I go
through these church records I am going to record
everyone I come across.So in that sense it would be a
census.It'll reveal who lives there, how old they are
and family relationships etc.
 Rose I'm not sure what you mean by indexing.There are
quite a few of these Catholic Churches.The Germans of
course will be in the minority but I will be able to
get through more records because of this.You'll have
to fill me in on indexing.  Robert

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