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Reiner Kerp mail at reiner-kerp.de
Tue Oct 11 02:54:06 PDT 2005

Dear fellow searchers,

as I followed

> http://www.sggee.org/translation_helps and follow the
> links for Alternate and Given Names.

I saw the links guiding to cyrillic truetype fonts for Windows an Mac.
This reminded me on a problem, many people have with the special "phonetic 
characters" (IPA-supplement) that are provided by PAF, when a GEDCOM-file 
(UTF-8) is exported. Whithout PAF, you need to install an appropiate 
Unicode-font to read them.
In the past the font "Arial Unicode MS" (part of MS-Office) was freely 
downloadable from the web. This font includes those characters. Beside it 
was not very senseful to install such a huge (32MB) font for just using only 
a very little part of it, Microsoft has stopped providing Arial Unicode MS 
for free.

Does anybody know a truetype font that provides the PAF characters?

kind regards,

Reiner (Kerp) 

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