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I have in my family Ferdinand Woltmann born about 1868 in the Rovno area. 
He married  Karoline Kuhn, the sister of my ggg grandfather.  His father was 
Johann Woltmann who was a schoolteacher and lay minister in Wulke.  The 
information I have comes from A Kuehn Family Scrapbook bu Felix Kuehn and 
says that the family disapeared in Siberia during WW1.  The children I have 
listed for them are Rudolf b. 1888, Adolf b. 1891, Wilhelm b. 1894 and 
Therese b. 1898.  They lived in Slomke prior to being transported to Siberia 
in 1915.  It seems like there could be a connection there.  I will look 
through my information and see if I have anything else. Hope this helps.

Barbara Cooper

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> Hallo everybody!
> I'm searching for informations about my ancestors.
> My grandmother Anna Woltmann (born on 25 Oktober 1902 at Volhlyn/ area 
> Rovno
> (Solomka???), her father's name was Wilhelm) moved (1927) with her husband
> and their two children to Sibiria / area Novosibirsk. They later lost
> connection to their relatives in the Ukraine...
> Did anybody hear anything about this name - WOLTMANN?
> Thanks in advance!!!
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