[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] August Meier & Siblings - Birth Locations

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Thu Oct 27 18:22:00 PDT 2005

At 01:47 PM 27/10/2005, Elvin Meyers wrote:
>If possible, I would like to establish the locations of the 
>following 4 villages:    Blumenthal
>                                 Marianna (Michaelowka)
>                                 Bulowka
>                                 Dorophiowka
>The fifth is Zhitomir, so I'm wondering if they are in the same general area.
>Elvin Meyers

Zhitomir should be found quite readily using a school book size 
atlas.  It is a city roughly 60 miles or so west of Kiev.  Or go to 
http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/EART/x-ussr/ukraine.html where you will 
find it spelled as Zitomir.

Dorophiowka is the easiest of your villages to find.  The map at the 
above link is interactive.  Click on Zitomir.  On the next map, click 
on #55.  Enlarge the resulting map if necessary and go to the bottom 
right corner.  Go up vertical line 20 till it intersects with 
horizontal 84.  Dorophiowka / Dorofijewka was just left of that 
point.  Now this is not particularly close to Zhitomir but at one 
time it was in the Zhitomir Lutheran Parish.

There are several Blumenthal in Volhynia but I had correspondence 
from someone who advised that Blumenthal was an alternate name for 
Dermanka which is just 8 km or so south of Dorofijewka so you may 
consider assuming that is the correct place.  You will find Dermanka 
on map #67.  It is between vertical 22 and 24 and just below the top 
of the page.

I don't show any Marianna = Michaelowka.  There is a Marjanowka about 
5 km SSE of Dermanka but I don't know if that is your place or 
not.  Aside from that, there are at least 36 Marian. . . variants in 
Volhynia and at least 8 Michal. . . variants.

I cannot find any place called Bulowka.

If you can provide an indication of your source for the iffy names, 
we might be able to help further.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca  

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