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Jerry, I like the map you mentioned in your message.  However, I am looking 
for Elizbiecen or Elisaberthine and
I thought it was near Rozhishche.  I found the block that
has Rozhishche in it but when I enlarged it it was in Russian?
And also on the top it says 1924.  I am assuming that is the
year of this particular map.  My mother-in-law was born in the mentioned 
village in 1888 so I doubt if it is still around in this
1924 map, right?  Can you help me locate the village?  Perhaps on an older 
map?  And possibly in German?
(I know I am asking the impossible but in genealogy anything
is possible>)
Thank you.   Margaret

> Zhitomir should be found quite readily using a school book size
> atlas.  It is a city roughly 60 miles or so west of Kiev.  Or go to
> http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/EART/x-ussr/ukraine.html where you will
> find it spelled as Zitomir.
> Dorophiowka is the easiest of your villages to find.  The map at the
> above link is interactive.  Click on Zitomir.  On the next map, click
> on #55.  Enlarge the resulting map if necessary and go to the bottom
> right corner.  Go up vertical line 20 till it intersects with
> horizontal 84.  Dorophiowka / Dorofijewka was just left of that
> point.  Now this is not particularly close to Zhitomir but at one
> time it was in the Zhitomir Lutheran Parish.
> There are several Blumenthal in Volhynia but I had correspondence
> from someone who advised that Blumenthal was an alternate name for
> Dermanka which is just 8 km or so south of Dorofijewka so you may
> consider assuming that is the correct place.  You will find Dermanka
> on map #67.  It is between vertical 22 and 24 and just below the top
> of the page.
> I don't show any Marianna = Michaelowka.  There is a Marjanowka about
> 5 km SSE of Dermanka but I don't know if that is your place or
> not.  Aside from that, there are at least 36 Marian. . . variants in
> Volhynia and at least 8 Michal. . . variants.
> I cannot find any place called Bulowka.
> If you can provide an indication of your source for the iffy names,
> we might be able to help further.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
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