[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Elzbiecin map location

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Jerry,  our thanks to you for the map.  I had to use the Austro Hungarian 
one because the other one did not come in but it
was fine, I followed your directions and found it along with the village 
where her sister was born.  Thank you.  I used my camera to take pictures, I 
hope they come out, I could not print it.  I was surprised when I opened the 
map and read the Hungarian written on top.  I am a first generation 
American-Hungarian.  All our thanks, we knew she came from Russia but this 
pin points it much better.    Margaret
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> Your village is still there Margaret.
> Go to http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/EART/x-ussr/ukraine.html and click on 
> Luck.  These by the way are modern maps created between 1972 and 2000.
> Click on #39 and enlarge the resulting map if necessary.  The large town 
> at vertical #78 and horizontal #44 (starts with P) is Rozhishche (being 
> one of its numerous spelling variations).  Just to the right of there, 
> right of vertical #82 and just below #46, is a place that starts with E. 
> That is your Elzbiecin.
> Another option without the Cyrillic is 
> http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/digkonyv/topo/3felmeres.htm .  Again click on 
> Luck at vertical 43, horizontal 51.  This is a bit longer download but not 
> too bad.  There is no suitable grid on the map so follow the rail line 
> near the bottom right corner west, then northwest.  Where it makes a curve 
> to cross the Styr River, you will find Rozyszcze and to the right, 
> Jelizamelin = Elzbiecin.
> These are older maps which offer some advantage in finding places c.1910 
> but have the disadvantage of a smaller scale at 1:200,000.  They also have 
> a lot of spelling errors which I believe is the case with Jelizamelin.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
> At 05:58 AM 28/10/2005, marlo wrote:
>>Jerry, I like the map you mentioned in your message.  However, I am 
>>looking for Elizbiecen or Elisaberthine and
>>I thought it was near Rozhishche.  I found the block that
>>has Rozhishche in it but when I enlarged it it was in Russian?
>>And also on the top it says 1924.  I am assuming that is the
>>year of this particular map.  My mother-in-law was born in the mentioned 
>>village in 1888 so I doubt if it is still around in this
>>1924 map, right?  Can you help me locate the village?  Perhaps on an older 
>>map?  And possibly in German?
>>(I know I am asking the impossible but in genealogy anything
>>is possible>)
>>Thank you.   Margaret

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