[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] JABLONSKI in Posen

Tabbert ASL tabbert.asl at t-online.de
Fri Sep 16 03:57:05 PDT 2005


I'm looking for my ancestor NIKOLAUS JABLONSKI, he was my grand-grandfather.

He was born about 1843 ,  he married at 14.11.1864 in Lgow near Jarotschin in Posen
Anna Nowak ( born 24.07.1864 in Lisewo ) .

Until 1878 they had in Lgow 6 children ( Andreas, Jadwiga, Stanislaus, Ignatz,
Marianna, Anton ). Then the family went to Radlin, until 1886 they had once more
4 children there ( Franz, Stanislawa, Johannes, Jacob - he is my grandfather ).

Nikolaus Jablonski was worker by the railway in Radlin and after 1890 also in
Glogau. He dead 1908 in Glogau, Anna Jablonski ( born Nowak ) dead in the same
year in Glogau.

Is there anybody, who can help me to find the exactly birthday and the place of birth
from Nikolaus Jablonski ?

Does anyone have any knowledge or information of them or one of the childs ?

Has anybody the name JABLONSKI in his ancestors ?

Thanks for any hint and best regards

Regina ( Tabbert )
born Jablonski

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