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When my family came to Canada from Volhynia in 1927 ( I don't know whether
the years would make it different) they went by train from Zhitomir Volhynia
to Moscow by train and then by train  to Riga Latvia, from there they took a
ship to London, England, from there a train to Liverpool, England, and from
there to St. John, New Brunswick. In trying to find a reason for them going
from Riga, Latvia to London, England, I came upon the idea that there were
many ships carrying mail thither and yon and that the travellers from Riga
would be going where the ships were going from that port, and it would be
mostly London with mail. I'm sure ships that were leaving from Hamburg or
Bremmen would be going directly to New York and any other places in America.
It's possible that if your ancestors were going that route they may have had
to go to London and from there by ship to Marsellie, France. It's only an
guess, and I may be way off the mark. Does anybody else have any better

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Hello everybody!

Some time ago I made a question here about "how our ancestors left Volhynia 
and came to Americas (including South America)".
I'm a little confused because my ancestors embarked in Marseille, France, in

1897, and came to Brazil. It's not logical for me. See the world maps.

The history of the germans from Volhynia says a grand part of them went back

to Germany before going to USA, Canada, Brazil, etc.
I suposed in this way the german families just had to go down to the south 
... 'cause Marseille is not too far away from Germany. Is it a possiblity?
Is there anybody on the same situation or with the same history?

A question to everybody who lives in Canada or USA: Do you know in what port

did your relatives embark? How did you get this information?
And a question to everybody: are there records about germans who went back 
to Germany from Volhynia in 1880' and 1890'?

Best regards

Eduardo Kommers

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