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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 5 07:13:04 PDT 2006

At 07:46 PM 04/04/2006, Marg Driechel wrote:
>Can you tell me about these people?  Did they live in 
>Volhynia?  Were they people who came from Germany?
>I found the name August Kartz in the DPL index with the reference 
>number 656-555.   What time frame would this be?
>Also, Mariendorf and Rosyszcze - were these towns or districts or 
>parishes in the 1880s? What towns would they have been near?

Pomeranians came from Pomerania, a province of Prussia located along 
the Baltic Coast.  Germany did not exist until 1871 when numbers of 
independent states, including Prussia, joined together under one flag.

There were Pomeranians who migrated directly to Volhynia including my 
GARTZ and GIRSCHEWSKI ancestors.  Others first migrated to Russian 
Poland where they stayed for a generation or two before moving on to Volhynia.

DPL = Die Pommerschen Leute, a magazine published  by Myron 
Gruenwald, now deceased.  I believe someone is still operating 
it.  You would have to contact them to find out more about this 
particular August Kartz.  I think you can get contact info at 

Rosyzcze was both a town and parish in Volhynia.  You can find 
listings of available parish records at 
.  You should be able to find it on a map using 

There are several Mariendorf in Volhynia with at least one in the 
Rosyzcze Parish.

If you are not yet a member of SGGEE, I'm sure you would benefit 
greatly from it.  You would have full access to all our Journals and 
databases which would help you to understand the story of the Germans 
in Volhynia.

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