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At 09:17 PM 04/04/2006, Eduardo Kommers wrote:
>Hello everybody!
>Some time ago I made a question here about "how our ancestors left Volhynia
>and came to Americas (including South America)".
>I'm a little confused because my ancestors embarked in Marseille, France, in
>1897, and came to Brazil. It's not logical for me. See the world maps.
>The history of the germans from Volhynia says a grand part of them went back
>to Germany before going to USA, Canada, Brazil, etc.
>I suposed in this way the german families just had to go down to the south
>... 'cause Marseille is not too far away from Germany. Is it a possiblity?
>Is there anybody on the same situation or with the same history?
>A question to everybody who lives in Canada or USA: Do you know in what port
>did your relatives embark? How did you get this information?
>And a question to everybody: are there records about germans who went back
>to Germany from Volhynia in 1880' and 1890'?
>Best regards
>Eduardo Kommers

As others have already written, the most common route to North 
America was via ports on the Baltic Sea coast.  However, I have heard 
of a few who went south from Volhynia to Odessa where they boarded a 
ship to travel through the Black and Mediterranean Seas to either 
Italian or French ports from where they embarked to either North or 
South America.  I think this would be a more logical route for anyone 
travelling to South America.

If your family went back to Germany for a few years before heading on 
to Brazil, there could be any number of reasons why they later 
migrated through France, the most likely being the lower cost of a ticket.

I am not aware of any migration records for Germans returning from 
Volhynia to Germany in that time frame.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca  

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