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At 03:34 PM 05/04/2006, Lloyd Friedrick wrote:
>Why choose Winnipeg ?
>Here is my father's story of his emigration to Canada.
>So, it is my observation, that the Jewish people in Volhynia were 
>the original travelling agents and provided a worthwhile function.
>In closing, these men were able to save enough money to bring their 
>mother to Canada in 1925.
>It must have been a joyous reunion for all of them
>lloyd friedrick

It is interesting to see that Jews were involved in this 
practice.  Certainly other people, including the Mennonites, paid the 
way for other immigrants to come and they worked off their debt over 
the next year or so.  Here is an example of actual text in 
advertising material, courtesy of Canadian Archives.


A large number of German Agricultural population of Russia are 
desirous of leaving their homes and finding a new field of occupation 
for themselves and their families if they are assisted in their 

The amount of passage to Winnipeg to be paid on arrival at that point 
will be as follows:

   For all from twelve years upwards -- $45.00
   For those from five to twelve years of age -- $22.50
   For those from one to five years of age -- $15.00

   It is guaranteed that no Jews will be brought out under this scheme.

Parties wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should address 
themselves without delay to the

         or any other Government Immigration Agent,

stating the number of families they want and when they will require 
them; not less than a months time to be reckoned for the voyage.

Winnipeg, March 7th, 1892
R.M. of Rhineland

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