[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Graumann, Lindrick, Gen(d)rik, Dzikowska of Obrzebin

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At 02:52 PM 13/04/2006, theBs at gmx.de wrote:

>In my family it is told that my g grandmother's ancestors originally were
>from Swabia and that they came to the Turek (?) area because of the
>manifesto of Catherine the Great. Some of Pauline's relatives - I don't know
>their last names - emigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and to South America.
>Thanks for every further information,

Sorry that I cannot help with family details, Tina.  I do want to 
point out however, that NO ONE - let me repeat, NO ONE - migrated to 
Russian Poland at the invitation of Catherine the Great.  Such lore 
has been adopted by many German Russians but the story only applies 
to the Volga Germans, and even there it does not fit as usually told.

The family may have been from the Schwabian region (around Stuttgart) 
but they went to Russian Poland because of the availability of the 
land and various other reasons, perhaps involving the development of 
the cloth making industry in Poland.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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