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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
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At 07:42 PM 15/04/2006, Marg Driechel wrote:
>Can you tell me where these places were or are?

It appears that these places are scattered throughout 
Poland.  Associating a time frame and surnames with them might be 
helpful in clarifying exact locations.


This place name appears to be corrupted as the first half is Polish 
while the second half is German.  I am not able to identify it out of 
context.  It MIGHT be Czamanin 18 km ENE of Sompolno but that is a pure guess.


There are at least 2 possibilities in Russian Poland - Niedzwiady 
about 30 km NE of Kalisch in the Prazuchy Lutheran 
Parish;  Niedzwiady about 12 km WSW of Sompolno in Sompolno Lutheran 
Parish.  Other variants are scattered throughout the country.


Located about 100 km NE of Warsaw, not far from Ostrow Mazowiecka.


Several possibilities exist in variants like Zakrzew(o), Zakrzewek, 
etc.  More info is needed to determine which it is.  One of them is 2 
km NNW of Sompolno.


There are quite a few possibilities for Strzyzewa (Strzyzewo) in 
modern Poland with several in the Posen region.


There are several Prusinowo (and variant Prusinowice) scattered 
throughout modern Poland.

>and Rajewa

I only found one Rajewo in all of modern Poland about 11 km NE of 
Zielona Gora in Posen.

A word of caution.  I have identified what I could but place names 
are commonly duplicated throughout the country.  It would be very 
helpful to identify regions or parishes before beginning your detailed search.

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