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Sorry about that.  Was thinking of modern Austria.  You'd think I 
would know better by now.  :-)


At 09:31 AM 16/04/2006, Mike McHenry wrote:
>Trieste is on the water. It's now part of Italy. Prior to WWI it was part of
>the Austrian (Hapsburg Empire).
>                                         Mike
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>At 02:49 PM 15/04/2006, RCSPAIN at aol.com wrote:
> >I am looking for Rudolph (or Rudolf) Manos who left Wolen, East Prussia, or
> >Poland about 1912.  He sailed from Trieste, (then Austria) to New  York.
> >joined the US Army, served in two different divisions, became a  citizen
> >married.  He lived  in several states, one of which was  Georgia
> >where his wife
> >lived.  After she died, he remarried, but I do not  have any more
> >about that.
> >Any help would be appreciated.
> >Richard
>Wolen in East Prussia is not the same as Volhynia / Wolhynia which is
>the more common term of reference on this mailing list and the SGGEE
>website.  Volhynia was a province consisting of the northwestern
>region of modern Ukraine.
>Note also that Austria is land locked so it would not be possible to
>sail from there.  However, I believe that there was a ship called the
>Trieste so it is possible that he sailed on that.
>Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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